Breeza, NSW

The Corteva Agriscience Breeza research station based on the Liverpool Plains in Northern NSW has an esteemed history of over 30 years continuous research, development, and demonstration, which has underpinned the development and extension of some of the most significant products for the Northern broadacre market. 


Spring Trials 2020

Paradigm Late Season Mixes

Paradigm Arylex active late season mixes

This trial was sown in June 2020 and late applications were made in August & September. This trial highlights the flexibility of Paradigm Arylex active with different mix partners and at different growth stages with Paradigm alone.

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Rexade Mixing Partner

Rexade Arylex active Mixing Partner

This field trial was to demonstrate the compatibility of Rexade Arylex active when used with various mixing partners.

Sown in April 2020, treated August 2020.

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Arylex compatibility

Arylex active & Axial Xtra compatibility

This field trial at Breeza, NSW was to demonstrate the compatibility (crop selectivity and lack of graminicide antagonism) of our Arylex® active based herbicides, Trezac® as well as Paradigm® and Pixxaro® Arylex® active with Axial™ Xtra herbicide by Syngenta.

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Pre-Season Trials 2020


While the long-established demonstration and extension days continue to be central to our technology transfer strategy, in 2020, Corteva welcomes you to inspect our demonstration trials virtually, looking at herbicide selectivity, efficacy and compatibility across a range of grain crops, forage crops and pasture species.

Following the recent registration of Trezac® Arylex® active herbicide, the demonstrations focus on showcasing the use pattern, performance and flexibility of this new offering. There is also an extensive screen of Paradigm® and ForageMax® Arylex active herbicides on forage grasses and forage brassicas varieties. Please take the time to watch the summary video of this years trials.

2020 Pre-Season Summary

Pre-Season Trials 2020

Forage and Rye Grass Trial

Rye Grass & Forage Brassica Selectivity

This trial was sown in early May in conjunction with PGG Wrightson using various varieties of Forage Brassicas and Rye Grass. The trial was sprayed on  25th May 2020 and demonstrates the selectivity of the newly registered use of Paradigm Arylex active over ryegrass pastures as well as ForageMax Arylex active crop selectivity at different rates and with different mixes as outlined in the spray protocol. 

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Pastures and Legumes Trial

Pasture Legume & Herb Selectivity Matrix

A screen of different varieties of herbs, legumes, rye grass and brassicas. Sown in beginning of May 2020, and sprayed in early June 2020. 

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Breeza Research Station

Arylex active Winter Crop & Weed matrix

Sprayed in late May 2020 and filmed 5 weeks after application, this matrix of cereals, legumes and brassicas demonstrates Arylex active products efficacy, crop selectivity and compatibility with some of the most commonly anticipated application combinations. 

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