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Partnerships List

Corteva Agriscience is proud to partner and sponsor with grower groups, industry bodies and organisations that help Agriculture progress.

Aus Veg SA


AUSVEG SA is the statewide representative body for South Australia's $2 billion vegetable industry. They work with governments of all levels to advocate on key issues and deliver a number of key industry development programs which support the hardworking growers of their state to reach their potential. AUSVEG SA is underpinned by a strong membership of growers from throughout the state who have joined together to grow the industry and present a strong, unified voice to government.

Australian Farm Institute (AFI)

AFI Logo

The Australian Farm Institute leads the farm policy discussions to ensure a viable future for the Australian agricultural community, delivers timely analysis and insights on priority farm policy issues, and promotes evidence-based policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of farmers. 

The Australian Farm Institute has been established to conduct research into public policy issues impacting on the Australian farm sector, and to promote policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of farmers. To do this, the Institute conducts research projects on specific farm policy issues, promoting the outcomes of this research to policy-makers.

The Institute has a commitment to ensuring research findings are the conclusion of high quality, rigorous and objective analysis. The Institute’s research is overseen by a Research Advisory Committee consisting of experienced senior researchers and academics. The Committee identifies strategic issues, and oversee the quality of research contracted out by the Institute to ensure it is of the highest calibre and is conducted objectively.

Australian Farmer of the Year

Australian Farmer of the Year Logo

The Australian Farmer of the Year Awards are designed to celebrate and applaud the outstanding achievements of those individuals and families making a significant contribution to Australian Agriculture. Corteva Agriscience sponsors the Sustainability & Diversification category because we are committed to advancing sustainable agriculture to enrich lives and our planet for generations to come.  


Agricultural Innovation & Research Eyre Peninsula (AIR EP)


Officially incorporated on 26 May 2020, with the aim of creating a single entity for farmer driven applied research, local validation and extension of agricultural technologies and innovations on the Eyre Peninsula.

AIR EP is the result of a merger between the Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation (EPARF) and the Lower Eyre Ag Development Association (LEADA) farming systems groups, who have been very effective in providing local RD&E outcomes for upper and lower Eyre Peninsula respectively over the past 15 years. By joining forces, the new organisation will create efficiencies in administration and operations, and provide a stronger face for regional RD&E to future funders, partners, members and supporters.

The vision for AIR EP is a professional farmer owned and directed organisation that drives the advancement and practical application of agricultural scientific research, development and extension in dryland farming systems relevant to Eyre Peninsula and like environments across Australia.

The organisation will access funds to support projects that address key issues and opportunities that will increase the profitability and resilience of farming businesses in the region.

Birchip Cropping Group

BCG Logo

Birchip Cropping Group Inc. (BCG) is a not-for-profit agricultural research and extension organisation led by farmers from the Wimmera and Mallee regions of Victoria. Aiming to improve the prosperity of farmers and agricultural communities through farmer-driven innovation, research and extension.

Recognised both nationally and internationally by the industry as a credible, independent and innovative organisation, BCG’s research and communication activities provide evidence, support and tools for improving farm management practices and profitability.

BCG has been integral in the adoption of new agronomic technologies and farming practices; and continues to help farmers make decisions, develop risk management strategies, increase profits and operate sustainable farming operations.

Bundaberg Fruit & Veg Growers (BFVG)


BFVG aims to bolster the Horticulture Industry, local growers and its members through:


Providing a service to growers, assist in improving the profitability and productivity of the horticulture industry in the region as a whole and for individual businesses. Strive for innovative, progressive industry development outcomes to build on the industry’s capability.


Providing advocacy and representation on political and policy issues critical to the sustainability of the region’s industry by giving a strong voice and supporting its members.


Educating, engaging and promoting the industry to both the industry and the consumer.

Bowen Gumlu

Bowen Gumlu Logo

A not-for-profit association situated in the Whitsunday region of North Queensland that represents members who produce the largest Australian winter crops of fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicums, pumpkins, corn, beans, zuccinni, eggfruit, chillis and more. Also, a large summer crop of mangos. The crops are marketed both domestically and exported overseas. Approximate farm gate value is AUD$500m.

They work with their members to ensure that all aspects of horticultural growth and management are extended via relationships with partners, governement bodies and industry groups. They also avail themselves to funding opportunites to deliver access to research, industry and workforce development as well as market access, agri-tourism opportunities, technology education and disaster management.

They are also supported by loyal partners who understand their members needs and continue to assist us to enhance growth and sustainability in the sector.

They host an annual gala dinner that connects these people together allowing them to enjoy themselves whilst developing opportunities and strengthening relationships.

Crop Consultants Australia (CCA)

Crop Consultants Australia Logo

Crop Consultants Australia aim to promote and enhance crop consultancy as a profession.

Crop Consultants Australia also facilitates the transfer of knowledge to members and acts as a means of communication between members and other industry groups. Crop Consultants Australia is primarily an association for those that provide agronomic advice to cotton, grains, pulse and oilseed producers in Australia.

The association provides a forum for information exchange, networking, professional development and technical training of agronomists and those with an interest in agronomy.

Membership categories are available in recognition of those that are self-employed or work for an independent consultant or farming enterprise and those that are attached to an industry organisation including researchers, government employees, chemical company employees and sales agronomists.


FarmLink Logo

FarmLink is made up of growers, advisers and researchers in southern NSW. FarmLink gives growers the power to influence research priorities and be actively involved in the research process and is currently investing over $2 million in agricultural research in the local community.

FarmLink Research Limited (FarmLink) is a not for profit agricultural research and extension organisation in southern NSW owned by growers and involves advisers and researchers.  FarmLink’s main objective is to coordinate and communicate private, public and grower group funded research and development activities within in the region.  FarmLink has been operating since 2003.   There are three main parts to the business including research, communication and collaboration.

Melons Australia

Melons Australia logo

Melons Australia (the Australian Melon Association) is the peak industry body for the melon industry in Australia. With approximately 200 Australian melon growers, Melons Australia represents their members to all levels of government and the supply chain. Membership also includes wholesalers, service providers, marketers, consultants, and researchers.

Melons Australia was founded with the objectives of promoting and coordinating all aspects of the industry, to encourage free exchange of ideas and information and to foster goodwill among the industry. The melon industry is working together to build a successful future for the Australian melon growers by:

  • Delivering product that lives up to the expectations of consumers Innovation that creates improved products and operating systems
  • Engaging the key retailers with industry strategies
  • All levels of industry supply chains working together
  • Adequate resourcing of action to implement industry priorities.

Riverine Plains

Riverine Plains Logo

Riverine Plains is an independent farmer group dedicated to improving the productivity of broadacre farming systems in north-east Victoria and southern New South Wales. Riverine Plains was established in 1999 by farmers looking to improve on-farm productivity. Our focus remains strongly on providing independent, timely, relevant and practical information and connections to support the business needs of their members. They specialise in farmer-driven research and extension that delivers on-the-ground benefits to their members, who are drawn from the eastern NSW–Victorian border region, known as the Riverine Plain.

Riverine Plains PO Box 214 Mulwala NSW 2647 4/97-103 Melbourne Street Mulwala Phone: (03) 5744 1713 Email:

Southern Farming Systems

SFS Logo

Southern Farming Systems is a farm driven, non-profit organisation helping higher rainfall farmers with practical research and information that produces sustainable results.

In 1995 the six founding members of Southern Farming Systems got together to find ways of making farming in the higher rainfall zone more profitable. Their problems were often different from those faced by farmers in other areas and different solutions would be required.

They set out to help themselves and in so doing created an organisation that now boasts 600 members in five branches across two states. It maintains international affiliations and has a strong link with the Foundation for Arable Research in New Zealand. 

Lockyer Valley Growers

Lockyer Valley Growers Logo

Lockyer Valley growers Inc was established in 2013 to unify the voice of fruit and vegetable growers for the district. It is a non-commercial, not-for-profit group with a membership and corporate sponsorship.

Lockyer Valley Growers is an independent, not-for-profit, grower based group funded by members and industry partners.

LGA's primary role is to develop a positive social setting and support the growers within the region on matters that effect the industry.

Young Farmer of the year

Young Farmer of the year Logo

Announced at the AUSVEG National Awards for Excellence held at the Hort Connections Gled as the biggest honour for horticulture leaders of the future. The award celebrates outstanding yala Dinner. The Young Grower of the Year award is haioung growers who champion industry success and show a commitment to innovation. Corteva has partnered with AusVeg to celebrate Young Growers for over 10 years.