Zorvec® Enicade®

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Zorvec Enicade provides Australian Vegetable and Poppy growers with an unmatched combination of consistency and long lasting control of Downy mildew in a wide range of crops.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
  • Mode of Action
    Zorvec® Enicade® binds in the Oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP) domain
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Target Diseases

Downy mildew

Additional Resources

Zorvec Enicade Growing Reputations

Growing Reputations - Jarryd Dolling

A capacity to grow great crops of onions, in some challenging conditions, provides its own rewards for Jarryd Dolling, of Dolling Produce in the south-east region of South Australia using Zorvec Enicade.

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Growing Reputations - Shane Ebert

Growing Reputations - Shane Ebert

Agronomist Shane Ebert says Zorvec Enicade is the preferred option in the wet weather spring and early summer, when they run heavy, robust preventative programme for Downy Mildew.

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Zorvec Enicade Technical Manual

Zorvec Enicade Technical Manual

An unmatched combination of consistency and control 

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Zorvec Enicade Tech Note - Poppies

Zorvec Enicade Tech Note - Poppies

Zorvec Enicade is a new and highly effective fungicide for more consistent, long-lasting control of Downy mildew.

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Zorvec Enicade Testimonial

Zorvec Enicade Testimonial

Here's what growers, researchers, consultants and agronomists say

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See full label for details.


Vegetables, Brassica Cole (All) (Brassica spp.)

Vegetables, Cucurbit (Cucurbitaceae)

Vegetables, Fruiting

Vegetables, Leafy

Vegetables, Leafy, Brassica

Vegetables, Root and Tuber


Novel mode of action

It affects a novel target site with a completely new biochemical mode of action and has no cross-resistance with existing fungicides. It produces multiple effects on the pathogen’s life cycle for better efficacy, efficiency and length of control.


Features a favourable environmental profile, being effective on target organisms at very low use rates and having very low toxicity to non-target organisms. Mammalian oral, neurological, developmental and dermal toxicity is low, as is avian and bee toxicity.


Zorvec® Enicade® fungicide moves quickly into the waxy epicuticular layer of plant tissue, making it extremely resistant to wash-off.

Buy 5L of Zorvec® Enicade® and get a free pair of work socks.

Get on the front foot against Downy Mildew. Simply buy 5L of Zorvec® Enicade® at your local agent, and you'll receive a free pair of quality work socks. But hurry, it's only while stocks last! You'll see why these growers are growing their reputations on the back of the dependable downy mildew protection that Zorvec® Enicade® provides.

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