Salibro® Reklemel® active


Salibro is a nematicide with a novel mode of action for the control of root knot nematode. It is registered for use in all root and tuber, fruiting vegetable and cucurbit crops grown in open field and covered crop situations. Salibro offers growers an IPM soil health focussed nematode management solution.


Mode of action

Non systemic contact in soil.

IPM Integration

Has an excellent fit in developing and maintaining an IPM program.  Salibro selectively targets root knot nematode and has minimal or no impact on beneficial nematodes, bacteria or fungi.

Soil Health Benefits

Salibro leaves beneficial organisms in the soil promoting more efficient nutrient cycles, better soil structure and allowing natural pest and disease suppression to better manage secondary pests.

Application and timing flexibility

Salibro is registered to be applied through either trickle or direct soil sprays and then incorporated mechanically or with irrigation.  Application timing can be at crop establishment, or up to 4 weeks after transplanting.  Consult the label for more details.


See full label for details.


Cucurbits (Cucurbitacae spp.)


Vegetables, Fruiting

Vegetables, Root and Tuber

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient


  • Mode of Action

    non systemic contact in soil

  • Formulations

    500g/L SC

  • Group


  • Application Method

    Trickle, soil applied

  • Packaging

    9.6L and 1L HDPE bottles

Target Pests

  • Root knot nematode

       (See label for full details)

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