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Talendo fungicide provides flexible protection from powdery mildew in grapes, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables and pome fruit. Talendo is a participant product of GrowPlus, our new Loyalty Program for viticulture growers.

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Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    200g proquinazid
  • Formulations
    Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)
  • Fungicide Group


  • Packaging
    5 L

Target Diseases

Powdery Mildew

Additional Resources

Peter Morrison article

Welcome addition to Tasmanian apple program

Talendo® fungicide, from Corteva, has been welcomed as a key addition to the disease protection program used and recommended by Peter Morrison, of Nutrien Agronomic Services, at Huonville, in Tasmania.

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Viticulture Product Range

Viticulture Product Range

Viticulture Product Range

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Powdery Mildew control paramount in pipfruit orchard

Powdery Mildew control paramount in pipfruit

The ability to control Powdery mildew in the pipfruit orchard of Murray Shearer, in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand has been enhanced in recent years as more products come onto the market.

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See full label for details.


Pome Fruits


Vegetables, Cucurbit (Cucurbitaceae)


Novel mode of action

Talendo® provides robust protection because translaminar movement of the chemical, plus vapour and local systemic activity protects the fruit and leaves, and inhibits spore germination and viability.

IPM Integration

Talendo® is also a useful resistance management tool because it controls powdery mildew strains resistant to other common powdery mildew fungicides such as triazoles (DMI’s) and strobilurins.


Talendo® is rainfast in two hours and flexible to use in a range of weather conditions.