Kocide® Opti 

  • Fungicide


  • M1

Kocide Opti provides excellent protection against Downy mildew with a fraction of the amount of elemental copper. Kocide Opti is a participant product of GrowPlus, our new Loyalty Program for viticulture growers.


Excellent protection against Downy mildew

Less applied copper has less impact on the environment

Even less dust than previous Kocide® formulations

Fewer hassles during spraying and mixing


See full label for details.


Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    300 g/Kg Copper (Cu) present as cupric hydroxide
  • Mode of Action
    Inhibits fungal spore germination and mycelial growth.
  • Packaging
    5 Kg
  • Group


  • Additional Information
    Complete spray coverage is essential to assure optimum performance.

Target Diseases

Downy mildew

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