Field Trials, Breeza Field Station 2021

Paradigm Mixing Partners, Breeza 2021

Paradigm Mixing Partners

This trial was conducted to demonstrate the strengths of Arylex active, the different weed spectrum controlled by Paradigm and how to use product mixtures to broaden the weed spectrum e.g. wireweed

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Graminicide Early Timing, Breeza 2021

Graminicide Early Timing

This trial was conducted to evaluate the strength and flexibility of the Arylex range when mixed with a number of other crop protection products.

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Grazon Extra Plantback Trial, Breeza 2021

Grazon Extra Plantback Trial

This trial was set-up from April 2021 to apply eight herbicide treatments at 4, 2, 1 and 0.5 months before planting ten different forage species to determine the safe plantback period. With above average rainfall during 2021, breakdown of herbicides was quicker than normal.

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