Paradigm® Arylex® active Mixing Partners Trial 2021

The Arylex active herbicide range allows growers to select from a range of products to suit their own unique situation and needs. Paradigm Arylex active herbicide provides excellent control on a number of key weeds in cereals, fallow and pastures. This trial was conducted to demonstrate the strengths of Arylex active, the different weed spectrum controlled by Paradigm and how to use product mixtures to broaden the weed spectrum e.g. wireweed.
For broad spectrum broadleaf weed control, including wireweed, the best treatment in the trial was Paradigm + Starane® Advanced + MCPA LVE + Uptake® Spraying Oil (Trt. 8).


1. Summary - View the summary video of this trial which includes key messages of the results and what to look for when navigating yourself.

2. Overview - Look at an aerial view of this trial to see what treatments have been applied, and what crops have been sown.


Due to the hover functionlity over each plot these trials are best viewed on a desk top rather than a mobile or tablet device.

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Graminicide Early Timing, Breeza 2021

Graminicide Early Timing

This trial was conducted to evaluate the strength and flexibility of the Arylex range when mixed with a number of other crop protection products.

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Outline of Trials, Breeza 2021

Outline of Trials, Breeza 2021

This video walks through how the Research Field Trials at Breeza Field Station are conducted, how they are sown and sprayed.
This example relates to the Graminicide and Paradigm Arylex active matrix of Main Season 2021.

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Breeza Trials 2021

Arylex Forage Crops Trial

This trial was set-up in April 2021 to apply ten herbicide treatments, at two timings, and see what the effect of herbicides +/- simulated grazing was on the growth of seven different pasture species at Breeza, NSW.

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