Arylex® Forage Crops Trial, 2021

This trial was set-up in April 2021 to apply ten herbicide treatments, at two timings, and see what the effect of herbicides +/- simulated grazing was on the growth of seven different pasture species at Breeza, NSW. This trial was sown in collaboration with PGG Wrightsons RnD agronomist Laughlan Stewart.

Trial Summary.

  • ForageMax® Arylex active herbicide showed good safety to all pastures, except Hunter bulb turnip and Pallaton raphnobrassica.
  • Paradigm® Arylex active herbicide+ MCPA LVE controlled the broadleaf pastures, but was safe to oats & ryegrass.
  • Trezac®  Arylex active herbicide + MCPA LVE was safe to oats & ryegrass, but damaging to brassicas.
  • Starane®  Advanced herbicide at 600 mL/ha caused injury to turnip, but all other pasture species were OK.


Look at the treatment list and aerial view of this trial below to see what treatments have been applied, and what crops have been sown.


Due to the hover functionlity over each plot these trials are best viewed on a desk top rather than a mobile or tablet device.

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