Grazon® Extra Plantback Trial 2021

This trial was set-up from April 2021 to apply eight herbicide treatments at 4, 2, 1 and 0.5 months before planting ten different forage species to determine the safe plantback period. With above average rainfall during 2021, breakdown of herbicides was quicker than normal.

The aerial footage below (taken on 07th October 2021) shows the treatments from rep 3 and 4, which were applied two weeks before planting the forage species on 10th August 2021.

Clear trends – all broadleaf herbicides showed effects on all species when applied two weeks before planting, even though this is difficult to judge from the photo. Please navigate the aerial photo below and hover over the treatments to see some of the effects.

For more information on the results from this trial, please contact your local Corteva representative.


1. Summary - View the summary video of this trial which includes key messages of the results and what to look for when navigating yourself.

2. Overview - Look at an aerial view of this trial to see what treatments have been applied, and what crops have been sown.


Due to the hover functionlity over each plot these trials are best viewed on a desk top rather than a mobile or tablet device.

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