Rexade® Arylex® active droplet spectrum, water rate & adjuvant testing


  • Historical work shows that BS-1000 @ 0.25% v/v is the best adjuvant for Rexade Arylex active
  • Carefully consider the application interaction of droplet size and water volume.
  • No reduction in grass control from adding MCPA LVE to Rexade Arylex active
  • When used with appropriate wetter, Coarse/very coarse droplets still provided excellent control of grass weeds

BS-1000™ is a product of Nufarm

Activator™ 90 is a product of Loveland Products 




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Paradigm Late Season Mixes

Paradigm Arylex active late season mixes

This trial was sown in June 2020 and late applications were made in August & September. This trial highlights the flexibility of Paradigm Arylex active with different mix partners and at different growth stages with Paradigm alone.

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Rexade Mixing Partner

Rexade Arylex active Mixing Partner

This field trial was to demonstrate the compatibility of Rexade Arylex active when used with various mixing partners.

Sown in April 2020, treated August 2020.

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Trezac Fallow Buckwheat

Trezac Arylex active on climbing buckwheat

This trial demonstrates the efficacy of Trezac Arylex active on climbing buckwheat control in Fallow. It compares against the standard of Tordon 242 and Hotshot. 

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