Arylex active  & Axial Xtra herbicide compatibility

This field trial at Breeza, NSW was to demonstrate the compatibility (crop selectivity and lack of graminicide antagonism) of our Arylex® active based herbicides, Trezac® as well as Paradigm® and Pixxaro® Arylex® active with Axial™ Xtra herbicide by Syngenta.


  • Trezac Arylex active plus Starane Advanced +/- MCPA LVE showed excellent compatibility with Axial Xtra with no additional adjuvant required for control of oats and annual ryegrass
  • All Arylex formulations perform better with the new Axial Xtra rather than the old formulation of Axial 100 EC
  • Pixxaro Arylex active +/- MCPA LVE did not cause significant antagonism on grass when mixed with Axial Xtra
  • The addition of Uptake Spraying Oil to Paradigm Arylex active plus Axial Xtra was required for acceptable grass control
  • Tordon 242 caused significant antagonism on grass control when mixed with Axial Xtra. Therefore, watch Tordon 242 + Trezac Arylex active combinations as this may cause antagonism on wild oats when mixed with Axial Xtra.


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Axial™ Xtra herbicide is a trademark of Syngenta

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