Press Release •  14/2/2023

Corteva Agriscience Announces Commercial Launch of Optimum GLY Canola

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Proprietary, advanced herbicide trait technology for canola will be available to Australian farmers for 2024 planting season.

Corteva Agriscience today announced plans for the commercial launch of Optimum GLY® canola – an advanced herbicide-tolerant trait technology for canola farmers in Australia, Canada and the United States. Optimum GLY® will be offered in Australia through Corteva Agriscience seed brand Pioneer® Seeds, with licensing, education, and demonstration trials in 2023 followed by commercial sales in 2024. In Canada and the United States Optimum GLY canola will be offered through Corteva Agriscience seed brands, Pioneer® and Brevant® seeds for planting in the 2023 growing season, with an accelerated ramp-up in a broader set of genetic backgrounds and maturities in the coming years.

“We are pleased to launch our Optimum GLY herbicide-tolerant trait technology, which represents a significant advancement to further strengthen Corteva Agriscience’s industry-leading canola portfolio and bring new proprietary traits to the market,” said Chuck Magro, Chief Executive Officer, Corteva Agriscience. “A culmination of years of research and development, Optimum GLY canola is designed to deliver top yield potential and agronomic trait performance for canola farmers, providing them with a greater measure of control over their crops.”

Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance is a new, proprietary glyphosate trait technology intended to deliver enhanced weed control and a later window of herbicide application, compared to first-generation glyphosate trait technology*, so farmers have more choices and flexibility for effective and responsible weed management.

“The launch of Optimum GLY canola builds on Corteva Agriscience’s track record of delivering innovations to farmers,” said Chuck Magro, Chief Executive Officer, Corteva Agriscience. “This is another solution from our robust pipeline that solves farm-level and field-level specific challenges while helping address global food security.”

Canola Research Site in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Canola Research Site in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Canola Research Site in Wagga Wagga, NSW
Canola Research Site in Wagga Wagga, NSW

Farmers in Canada will have access to Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance through spring canola hybrids from both Pioneer and Brevant seeds brand, while farmers in the United States and Australia will have access to the product through the Pioneer brand. Corteva also intends to broadly out-license Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance technology to provide farmers more flexibility and choice of herbicide tolerant canola hybrids.

A rich source of protein and oil low in saturated fats, canola is an important crop to help sustainably meet the global demand for food and energy.

Corteva products are launched in accordance with our product launch policies and Excellence Through Stewardship Product Launch Guidance.


For additional details please visit our Optimum GLY page