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Advanced Herbicide-Tolerant Trait Technology

Optimum GLY® is an advanced herbicide-tolerant trait technology designed to optimise growth. It delivers excellent yield potential, improved crop safety, enhanced weed control and a later window of application. 

Technology Use Agreement

As a trait developer, Corteva helps ensure our traits are grown and marketed in a way that meets all regulatory requirements. Growers must sign a Technology Use Agreement (TUA) before obtaining, planting, or growing seed containing Corteva traits, such as the Optimum GLY Trait. 

Technology Use Agreement:

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Product Use Guides

Stewardship is achieved by adherence to the Technology Use Agreement, Product Use Guides, and product labels. The Product Use Guides set forth the requirements for growing Corteva trait technologies, which include adhering to applicable Integrated Weed Management & Herbicide Resistant Management practices. Complying with the terms in both the Product Use Guides and the Corteva Technology Use Agreement is essential to maintaining grower access and use of trait technologies.

Product Use Guides:


Find the Right Canola Hybrid

Optimum GLY® will be offered in Australia through Corteva Agriscience seed brand Pioneer® Seeds, with licensing, education, and demonstration trials in 2023 followed by commercial sales in 2024

Optimum GLY Strip Testing

Strip tests can be used on leaf tissue or bulk seed tissue.

Please follow strip test instructions.

Who is the preferred supplier of  Strip tests for Optimum GLY in Australia? Agdia Seeds 
What is the name of the  Strip tests for Optimum GLY in Australia? GAT4621 ImmunoStrip TestCatalog number: 59000
Where can I buy Strip tests for Optimum GLY in Australia ?

Refer to Agdia Seeds Website of suppliers in Australia


When can I buy  Strip tests for Optimum GLY in Australia? Currently there is a 2 week lead time. Contact Agdia for more information
Why is Agdia the preferred supplier of  Strip tests for Optimum GLY in Australia? Agdia has been a leading provider of plant pathogen diagnostics since 1981. Today Agdia offer the most comprehensive and trusted portfolio of plant pathogen and testing solutions around the world.
How to use video for ImmunoStrip https://www.agdia.com/customer-support/immunostrip-faq


What is Optimum GLY® Technology?

Optimum GLY is a new herbicide tolerance trait that enables growers to apply higher rates of glyphosate across a later application window. This offers greater convenience and flexibility when spraying for more effective weed management.

What are the major benefits of Optimum GLY?

Optimum GLY unlocks the genetic potential of canola hybrids by allowing agronomic traits to perform without a herbicide impact on yield potential. Canola hybrids with the Optimum GLY trait offer improved crop safety with the ability to spray at the optimal time and rate, enhanced annual and broadleaf weed control to help with weed resistance management and herbicide rotation, and a later window of herbicide application (cotyledon to 10% flowering) to maximize weed removal options. This will help growers adapt to weather conditions and achieve better weed control through more choice and flexibility, keeping fields clean and maximizing genetic potential.

Why is a later window of application important for today’s canola growers?

A later window of application past first flowering gives canola growers more flexibility to time their herbicide application to maximize weed removal options. This gives more time to cover large hectares or clean up late flushes of weeds without the risk of yield impact on late-season applications.

What is the recommended glyphosate application?

Up to 3 applications, (rate range of 621 - 1080g ai/ha) of glyphosate can be applied per season, from cotyledon to 10% flowering (BBCH 61). Apply up to 3 applications, at least 14 days apart. For optimum weed control, it is recommended to spray the amount of glyphosate that is required as early as possible.

How can I access canola seed with Optimum GLY technology?

Prior to taking delivery of your canola variety with Optimum GLY technology, you must:

1.       Create an account on the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre (CTAC)

2.       Complete the accreditation course

3.       Sign a copy of a Technology Use Agreement (TUA)

4.       Speak to your local Pioneer Sales Representative for technical                     information on the hybrid that best suits your needs (1800 PIONEER)

5.       Ensure your Reseller has completed their accreditation.

Steps 1 – 3 can be achieved by accessing the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre (CTAC)

Why is accreditation necessary?

Accreditation is a part of the Corteva stewardship program and only needs to be completed once, prior to planting. This program is designed to provide farmers and agronomists with the information needed to successfully grow Optimum GLY® canola.

What is a Corteva Agriscience Technology Use Agreement (TUA) and why is it important?

The TUA serves as an agreement between the grower and Corteva demonstrating that the grower understands and agrees to follow all stewardship and legal responsibilities related to their purchase.

Who will need to sign a Corteva TUA and when will this TUA be required?

All growers who wish to grow canola with Optimum GLY trait technology (regardless of whether the seed is for commercial, trial or demonstration purposes) must sign a TUA prior to purchasing canola seed with Optimum GLY trait technology.

Do I need to sign a TUA if I already have a license to grow Round Up Ready or TruFlex canola?

Yes.  All growers must have a signed Corteva TUA prior to purchasing canola seed with Optimum GLY trait technology, which is not covered by any other agreement.

Is there a paper TUA available?

No.  All TUA’s will be signed and kept electronically via the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre.

Where can I find a copy of my TUA?

Once you have signed your TUA, a copy will be sent to the email provided and will also be stored electronically on the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre, which can be accessed by logging back into the CTAC and downloading a copy.

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