Daniel Jackson Age 35, Glasshouse Mountains/Beerwah, QLD

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Business Jackson Agricultural Company
Expertise Grower
Crop Focus Custard Apples and Macadamias
Methods Hybrid of natural sequence farming and IPM adapted to horticulture

What's your current focus on the farm?

What’s your favourite beneficial bug? And why?
Green Lacewing – Efficient predator of spotting bug and citrus mealy bug. Can generate large populations within “insectaries” through natural population growth.

How do you feel about being nominated for the Young Grower of the Year award?
It is very motivating to be recognised for the efforts you are putting in and gives you the drive to achieve more. It is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the future of agriculture in Australia.

Why do you think it is important to honour young growers?
To share the success stories of young growers and show that it is possible to have a prosperous career in agriculture, thus encouraging other young people into farming.

What are some of the major challengers for young growers? 
The greatest challenge for young growers is accessing capital to enter agriculture. To achieve this, in most cases, young farmers require both on farm and off farm income which can be difficult to manage.