Jake Shadbolt Age 23, Swan Hill, Victoria

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Business Scotties Point Farms
Expertise Vegetable Production
Crop Focus Onions, Broccoli and Beetroot
Methods Conventional

How do you feel about being nominated for the YGOTY award?
Feel very honoured to be nominated. It’s an award I have always aspired to be nominated for since being part of the family business. It definitely has come as a surprise to be nominated so early into my agricultural career, but I am more than happy to be nominated.

Why do you think it is important to honour young growers?
I think it’s really important to acknowledge the next generation of growers who are willing to give things a crack. It’s not always the most rewarding industry, with challenges along the way that I know we all face so I think it’s great to be recognised for your efforts, and I hope that from this, it encourages more people to become involved.

What are the major challenges to young growers?
I definitely think that succession and a general passion for farming is lacking across the industry. Unfortunately, passion isn’t something you can be trained in or purchase, it has to be discovered and I think that when that happens, that’s where the magic is. It’s such an exciting lifestyle to live, I love it, and I can only hope that more people like myself aren’t caught up in just growing vegetables and making money, but to strive for excellence and influence in everything we do.

Have you ever sought advice from an agronomist for your farm?
Yes. We use E.E Muir and Sons. Steve Lorimer does a fantastic job working with us for all our agronomy needs. So, a big thank you to him and his team in Swan Hill.

Are you attending Hort Connections conference? Have you been before? What are you looking forward to?
This is my first time to Hort Connections. I’m pretty excited to see what all the show and shine is about. It’s an awesome industry which I think should be celebrated!