Vydate® L


Vydate® L insecticide/nematicide controls Nematodes in Banana plants, Capsicums, Sweet potatoes and Tomatoes, and Banana weevil borers in Banana plants.


Novel mode of action

Vydate® L affects multiple nematode life stages restricting feeding, movement and hatching in minutes and causing mortality within hours. Vydate® L moves rapidly into the root system of the plant when applied via either a trickle or drip irrigation system.


Vydate® L is a Poison Schedule 7 product. Always use according to the label, read the MSDS before use and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling.


See full label for details.


Banana (Musa spp.)


Pepper (Capsicum spp.)


Potato, Sweet (Ipomoea batatas var. batatas)

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    240 g/L OXAMYL
  • Formulations
    Water-soluble liquid
  • Packaging
    10 L
  • Group


  • Additional Information
    Vydate® L should only be applied through direct injection into drip irrigation systems. Specialised equipment is required to dispense product from the container.

Target Pests

  • Banana Weevil borer
  • Burrowing nematode
  • Spiral nematode
  • Root knot nematode

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