Vydate® L

  • Nematicide


  • 1A

Vydate® L insecticide/nematicide controls Nematodes in Banana plants, Capsicums, Sweet potatoes and Tomatoes, and Banana weevil borers in Banana plants.


Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    240 g/L OXAMYL
  • Formulations
    Water-soluble liquid
  • Packaging
    10 L
  • Group


  • Additional Information
    Vydate® L should only be applied through direct injection into drip irrigation systems. Specialised equipment is required to dispense product from the container.

Target Pests

  • Banana Weevil borer
  • Burrowing nematode
  • Spiral nematode
  • Root knot nematode

Additional Resources



  • Safe Use and Handling of Vydate L
  • End User Technote





    See full label for details.


    Banana (Musa spp.)


    Pepper (Capsicum spp.)


    Potato, Sweet (Ipomoea batatas var. batatas)


    Novel mode of action

    Vydate® L affects multiple nematode life stages restricting feeding, movement and hatching in minutes and causing mortality within hours. Vydate® L moves rapidly into the root system of the plant when applied via either a trickle or drip irrigation system.


    Vydate® L is a Poison Schedule 7 product. Always use according to the label, read the MSDS before use and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling.