Tordon® RegrowthMaster

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Tordon RegrowthMaster is an updated management tool to assist graziers in thinning regrowth to improve productivity of grazing enterprises and assist with native forest management.


Through the specialised application techniques, provides targeted weed control with minimal off-target risk.

Use provides excellent control of single- and multi-stemmed saplings where foliar spraying would be difficult or pose a risk to the environment.

Via cut stump treatment, prevents regrowth of trees following mechanical control.

May also be used as a high volume foliar spray for some species where the use of ester formulations is restricted.


See full label for details.


Woody Weeds Infestations

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    200 g/L triclopyr, 100 g/L picloram, 25 g/L aminopyralid
  • Application Method
    Stem injection, Cut Stump
  • Mode of Action
    Disruption of plant cell growth.
  • Formulations
    Emulsifiable concentrate liquid
  • Group


  • Packaging
    5 L and 10 L

Target Weeds

  • Acacia
  • Angophora
  • Casuarina
  • Camphor laurel
  • Corymbia
  • Eucalyptus
  • Melaleuca

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