FallowBoss® TORDON® 

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FallowBoss Tordon is a herbicide which provides fast knockdown and longer residual control of key fallow weeds including fleabane, amaranthus, noogoora burr, thornapple, black bindweed, sow thistle and many more.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient
    300 g/L 2,4-D, 75 g/L picloram, 7.5 g/L aminopyralid
  • Mode of Action
    Plant cell growth disruption – phenoxy and pyridines
  • Formulations
  • Group


  • Packaging
    20 L, 100 L and 1000 L

Target Weeds

A wide range of key fallow weeds including:

  • fleabane
  • amaranthus
  • noogoora burr
  • thornapple
  • black bindweed
  • sow thistle

(see label for full details)

Additional Resources

FallowBoss Technote

FallowBoss Tordon Technote

FallowBoss Tordon provides faster knockdown and longer residual control of key fallow weeds.

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Rotational Crop Plantback Intervals

Northern Australia – for the black soils of the Northern NSW  and Qld cropping zones.

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See full label for details.


Barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare)



Oat (Avena spp.)


Triticale (x Triticosecale spp.)


Wheat (Triticum spp.)


Contains three powerful active ingredients

2,4-D – a foundation of modern agriculture. Picloram – the benchmark for hard to control weeds. Aminopyralid – strong new active that increases knockdown speed and reduces new weed germinations, especially under tough conditions.

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