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Staying ahead of crop threats means constant development of new approaches and continuous improvement of existing technologies. That’s why you can count on our portfolio of more than 50 crop protection products to give you the control you need to protect your yield and your land.

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Access offers a solution for very targeted woody weed control in environmentally sensitive situations.



For the control of various pests in citrus crops, grapes, pears, persimmons, custard apples, passionfruit and mango among others.



Barnstorm Herbicide is used for post-emergent control of barnyard grasses and silver top in rice as specified in the Directions for Use.



Broadstrike is a broadleaf herbicide for early post-emergence control of a wide range of weeds in winter cereals, chickpeas, and other crops.

Canvas® 750


For the selective control of broadleaf weeds in cereals, linseed, pastures, rice, sugar cane and turf as per the Directions for Use

Cobalt® Advanced


Cobalt Advanced is a brand new insecticide/miticide for controlling several pests in winter cereals, canola, pulses, lucerne and legume-based or grass pastures.

Crusader® GoDRI®


Crusader GoDri is a cross-spectrum grass and broadleaf herbicide for use in wheat and triticale to control a wide array of weeds.



For the control of various pests in grapes and Pome and Stone fruit as specified in the Directions for Use.

Dithane® Rainshield® NeoTec®


For the control of certain fungal disease of fruit, field crops, turf, vegetables and ornamentals as per Directions for Use.

Esteron® LV


A low volatile herbicide for selective weed control for various weeds in crops, pastures, and non-agricultural areas according to Directions for Use.

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