Press Release •  28/8/2019

Corteva Agriscience holds official Australian corporate launch

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Corteva Leadership Team

Corteva Agriscience has officially launched its corporate brand into the Australian market, two months after one of the most significant mergers in the global agriculture sector.

In June well-known and trusted global company brands Dow AgroSciences, DuPont Crop Protection and Pioneer Hi-Bred merged to become Corteva Agriscience, now formally a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange.

With a dedicated focus on Australian agriculture, Corteva Agriscience held its corporate launch in Sydney in August at a one-day conference event for key stakeholders.

Managing Director ANZ Rob Kaan opened the event and told the audience that the key purpose of Corteva Agriscience™ into the future was to enrich the lives of both producers and consumers.

“We’re building on a platform of providing the right mix of seeds, crop protection and digital solutions to maximise yield and improve profitability across the board,” Mr Kaan said.

“We now live in a world where food production and distribution efficiency needs to improve as our global population continues to grow, and a world where consumer expectations for safe, nutritious food have never been higher, and farmers are facing pressure like never before,” he said.

“These challenges are the reason we exist, and they inform everything that we stand for as a leader in our industry.

“As a company, we understand all of these challenges, and that’s reflected in our expanded product and service offering, with robust combined pipeline across seed germplasm, biotech traits, crop protection, seed-applied technologies and digital agriculture.”

Delegates also heard from Corteva Agriscience team leaders, including Customer Technology Specialist Ian Corr who gave a comprehensive presentation about new breakthroughs in digital technology in agribusiness. Integrated Field Sciences Leader Tom Loveless discussed the new technologies coming through the Seed and Crop Protection pipelines.

Marketing Director for ANZ Dan Dixon also offered an overview of key community and industry partnerships, including sponsorship of two categories in the upcoming Farmer of the Year Awards.

“At Corteva Agriscience we know ‘When Farmers Succeed, Everyone Wins’,” Mr Dixon said.

“We’re committed to helping that happen through every level of interaction we have with the community, from the scientists in our labs to agronomists in the field to sales reps visiting local growers to the people working in the towns supported by strong farming operations” he said.