Article •  12/4/2019

Nominees sought for international Environmental Respect Awards

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Australian agriculture-based companies are being encouraged to nominate for the international Environmental Respect Awards (ERA).

The Awards have been operating since 1990, initially through DuPont Crop Protection and now with Corteva Agriscience and showcases environmental and product stewardship accomplishments.

The ERA is a chance for businesses to be recognised for their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

In 2018 there were many great entries from Australia and New Zealand, with EE Muirs Mildura taking out one of the highly respected APAC Regional Awards.”

E. E. Muir & Sons Regional Manager, Danny Thornton, said they spent considerable time on grower education.  Some of the key topics covered were soil health management, water management and reducing off-target chemical damage.

“Education of growers is enormously important,” Mr Thornton said.  “Most growers are dealing with a range of issues on-farm and our business seeks to assist them in providing the most targeted solutions that assist in both sustainable farming practices and environmental protection.”

To help guide grower customers on a path of environmental stewardship, E. E. Muir & Sons work closely with Matt Strmiska, of Adaptiv, from Fresno in the United States.

Mr Strmiska visits Australia regularly to provide spray application training workshops.

As the 2018 winner, Mr Thornton travelled to Washington DC, in the United States to meet with like-minded agricultural professionals from all over the world, government officials, policy makers and members of the Corteva leadership team.

In 2019 a trip to Washington DC is also the prize for Regional Winners and there are also Merit, State and Country Champion categories.

Corteva is seeking nominations for the award to honour achievements, celebrate best practices and highlight effective partnerships in stewardship.

While historically the Awards have been focused on the value change, this year there has been a broadening of the ERA to include other entities aligned to Corteva’s mission and values.

In addition to crop protection and seed retailers/agents/agencies, they have expanded the program to include other organisations like service providers, integrated producers and public agencies.

Any entity that would like to nominate for the award can do so by visiting for more information.

The website includes a new, simplified, self-nomination process explicitly focused on good things being done for the environment.

Corteva is very focused on environmental stewardship with acknowledgement that farming and land management practices can impact soil, air, water, and biodiversity for the better or worse.

ERA seeks to recognize outstanding efforts to enhance and preserve the environment.

Judging is conducted by panels comprised of a majority of non-Corteva Agriscience™ employees.

The ERA program appreciates that it takes a concerted effort between farmers, providers of inputs and services, consumers and communities to positively promote stewardship and balance the environmental impacts of agriculture and land management.

2018 winner Danny Thornton of E. E. Muir & Sons with Matt Strmiska of Adaptiv, working towards a more environmentally sustainable future with Australian growers.