Article •  21/5/2024

Corteva Agriscience grows at Hort Connections

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Corteva Agriscience is throwing its support behind the signature event on the Australian horticultural calendar with an expanded presence at Hort Connections, the debut of the new Corteva Biologicals stand, and a celebration of the next generation of growers with the Young Grower of the Year Award.

Corteva Biologicals represents the union of Corteva Agriscience and the newly acquired Stoller Australia, a global leader in biologicals.

The integration brings together Stoller’s reputation for technical excellence and sharing of knowledge on plant physiology and nutrition with growers and Corteva’s significant research capacity to accelerate the development of solutions and bring them to market sooner.

The first product in the Corteva Biologicals range is a unique biostiumlant called Utrisha®N. Launched last month, Utrisha®N has shown in trials to boost the yield potential of a wide variety of crops, all season long, with just one application. The bacteria that makes up Utrisha®N is the naturally-occurring Methylobacterium symbioticum that, once applied, lives within the plant and converts atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available ammonium.

The success of Verpixo® Adavelt® active

The release of Utrisha®N follows the overwhelming response to another product inspired by nature, Verpixo® Adavelt® active.

The unique characteristic of this fungicide offers growers a new mode of action for managing fungal diseases such as botrytis, sclerotinia, powdery mildew, alternaria and many other challenging crop diseases, helping farmers achieve healthy and abundant yields.

The unique structure of Verpixo® Adavelt® active is based on a naturally-occurring compound found in soil bacteria, enabling activity across a broad spectrum diseases and is for use in strawberries, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables and cucurbits. Pending registration, Corteva anticipate new crops and diseases to be added to the existing product label later this year, adding further utility to the product and offering greater flexibility for growers.

Young Grower of the Year

Corteva Agriscience continues its support of the next generation of growers with the 2024 Corteva Agriscience Young Grower of the Year Award.

The winner will be announced at the prestigious Hort Connections Gala Dinner as part of the annual Horticulture Awards for Excellence.

Corteva Agriscience Marketing Manager, Nick Koch, said the nominees were fresh produce growers who championed the success of the industry and demonstrated a commitment to innovation that helped define the new generation of growers.

“We are really impressed with the calibre of our young growers and their capacity to take our industry into new and exciting directions,” Mr Koch said.

“These are all future leaders who engage with the wider industry and understand and practice sustainability and enhance land health and agriculture.”

The 2024 nominees for Corteva Agriscience Young Grower of the Year are:

  • Jeremy Trembath, Lonesome Duck Station, NT
  • Zeke Zalsman, Zaldeesh Farms, WA
  • Clinton Crust, Mt Sylvia Fresh, Qld
  • Jacob Jurgens, Vee Jay’s Kalfresh, Qld
  • Blake Reeve, Reeve Tasmania Pty Ltd, Tas
  • Jennifer Hulme, Hinkler Park Pty Ltd, Qld
  • Daniel Quatrocchi, Monikas Organics, SA
  • Georgia Beattie, Bulla Mushrooms, Vic
  • Lachlan Schreurs, Schreurs and Sons, Vic

“We wish our nominees the best of luck and I personally am looking forward to seeing them all at Hort Connections and the Gala Dinner.”

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How Utrisha N works

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