Press Release •  3/6/2021

Celebrating Stewardship at Corteva

Written By Stephanie Tabone 
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Stewardship is an important component of many businesses in agriculture, yet many people may not know what it is, or realise they are already practicing good stewardship. For Corteva, product stewardship is a lifecycle approach to product management. We strive to adopt and promote ethical and responsible use of our products from discovery and development, through product use and disposal of associated wastes, to eventual discontinuation.

Familiar practices that contribute to good stewardship in agriculture include Integrated Pest Management; responsible use of products to ensure the safety of people, animals and the environment; resistance management; spray optimisation; container recycling through drumMUSTER and many more. Stewardship is a joint responsibility and requires contributions from many involved in the industry.


Crop Life Australia, our plant science industry organisation has developed several resources that provide a practical approach to stewardship. These include MyAgCHEMuseSprayBest and BeeConnected.


In celebration of Stewardship Day at Corteva, we value the opportunity to recognise the efforts of growers and our Corteva team in contributing to stewardship.

Man in a ploughed field with farm equipment & a small rainbow
Man in a ploughed field with farm equipment & a small rainbow

Throughout 2020, one of Corteva’s reputable Territory Account Managers Kate Daly relished the opportunity to work closely with local Burdekin producers Tom & Michell Pontarelli of Pontarelli Farms and their key supplier EE Muir and Sons agronomist Tom Andison. The team combined efforts to help Tom achieve his goal of incorporating an Integrated Pest Management approach on farm and develop a stronger understanding of effective spray application. Read more about Kate’s work with Pontarelli Farms here.


The Corteva team has also facilitated a field day in a macadamia orchard near Lismore in NSW. The field day sought to demonstrate the importance of considering the many aspects to spray application and adjusting spray equipment to obtain good spray coverage and efficacy. The field day was accompanied by the orchard spray optimisation guide, a resource to help orchard growers achieve effective spray application. Read more about the field day, watch the video and access the spray optimisation guide here.

Farm equipment & 3 men in high vis
Farm equipment & 3 men in high vis

We are supporting growers in their efforts towards stewardship through providing tools that enable them to do so. In September 2020 Corteva launched Entrust Organic a naturally derived insecticide based on metabolites produced by the fermentation of naturally occurring soil organisms. The product has a favourable environmental and end user safety profile and has been a valuable resource for growers to utilise. Learn more about the impact Entrust Organic is having in horticulture.


We also have Agsafe accredited training courses, resources on Fall Armyworm  and a newly launched green chemistry page so growers can understand more about the chemistry behind the products we sell.


Globally, Corteva Agriscience is committed to 14 sustainability goals over 10 years, which span a wide range of initiatives for farmers, the land, communities where employees and customers live and work, and in its own operations. Improvements in soil health, on-farm productivity, climate action, water stewardship, biodiversity, supply chain transparency and worker safety, among others, are included.


If you'd like to find out more or for further information please contact Steph Tabone, our Regulatory and Stewardship Manager here.


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