Halbury, South Australia

The Halbury site was established in the early 1990s’, the first of its kind in South Australia, and has run successfully ever since to develop new crop protection products for use primarily in the southern broadacre markets. Research at Halbury over the last 22 years has contributed to the development of Broadstrike®, Conclude®, Crusader®, Verdict® 520, Gallery®, X-Pand®, Goal®, Indar®, Lontrel® Advanced, Torpedo®, Transform® Isoclast® active, our suite of Arylex® active products and Uptake® Spraying Oil.

The climate and soils of the Halbury Research Farm are broadly representative of much of South Australia, allowing cost-effective work  on weeds, pests and diseases in a range of cereals, canola and grain legumes.



Summary of Halbury 2019

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