Protection for your customers

Sentricon AlwaysActive is the only termite management system that can be installed during construction and actively maintained for the life of the property.

Sentricon AlwaysActive in Pre-Construction

Advantage for Home Builders

Sentricon AlwaysActive has been granted CodeMark accreditation to assure builders, developers and their certifiers that its meets the requirements of a termite management system under the Australian National Construction Code (NCC).

Sentricon AlwaysActive provides a treatment that adds value to the home (some agents add Sentricon AlwaysActive to their listing attributes), no interruption or delay in the building process (installation is not impeded by weather), there is no digging, trenching, drilling or tanks of chemicals involved, other trades can do their work without impacting the Sentricon system, no exposure to workers or the environment to chemicals, it is a visible treatment that doesn’t break down over time, it is a flexible treatment that can be added to, replaced or relocated if required

Download the Sentricon System Advantage for Home Builders 

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Codemark Accreditation

Compliance with the Sentricon AlwaysActive CodeMark accreditation requires:

  • The installer having completed Sentricon AlwaysActive free, online training (takes around 20 minutes) prior to installation;

  • Installation and ongoing monitoring performed according to the current Sentricon AlwaysActive technical manual (available free online); and

  • Fixing of a durable notice as per the certificate (request copies of this via the Sentricon AlwaysActive website).

To complete the training, please register at learning.corteva.com and add Residential Pest Control under Business Segment.

Download CodeMark Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Some termiticides are restricted from use in certain areas in Australia by local Councils due to heritage value and/or sensitive environments; others are under review. Sentricon AlwaysActive provides a solution that meets the needs of all parties involved while being effective and safe.

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Pest Managers Online Resources

Learn more about termites and how the Sentricon System is the best termite protection treatment available. 

To access information for pest managers, please register in the following link, indicating “Residential Pest Control”under the Business Picklist:http://learning.corteva.com