Termites are a constant threat.

Termites. They’re hungry. And to them, your house is food. Is there anything you can do to stop them?

About Termites

Every home is at risk


Termites can be on your property or thriving in your home without any visible signs of damage. Termites, by their nature, must live underground and stay out of sight, even when feeding on above-ground wood. Damaging homes out of sight may seem smart, but with Sentricon AlwaysActive, you are smarter.

Termite Damage


Termites are discovered in more than 180,000 homes on average each year in Australia. Unless you call Tasmania home, your house is not safe from termite damage. Archicentre (the Building Advisory Service branch of the Royal Institute of Architects) estimates termite damage costs Australian homeowners $780 million each year.  This is greater than the cost of fire, flood and storm damage.

Termite activity


How can they cause so much damage? A subterranean termite colony can include millions of termites, and the worker termites forage for food 24/7. Their food is the wood in your home: your floors, walls, ceilings, frames, trusses, architraves, etc. And a termite may only need a 1.5 mm space to pass through your foundation and reach the wood above.

Signs of termites


Termites leave few clues of their arrival — until you can see their damage. Don’t make the costly mistake of assuming you are termite-free. Have a professional inspection done before it’s too late.