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Diversity and Inclusion

The key to our success

Embracing Equality and Inclusion

We are active in the diversity and inclusion arena and bring in experts to engage, energize and keep discussions active so our employees and stakeholders build progress.    

Employee Perspectives

Employees give their perspectives during our global celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Peggy discussed her research planning job:

“The disability may have given me a bit of an edge up on that kind of thinking and planning ahead, seeing what all obstacles might be and how they can be overcome.”

Lucy discussed overcoming challenges:

“I live with a silent illness. People don’t necessarilty see that I’m was time for me to speak up... I encourage you to seek out the assistance you need to help cope with these things.”

Kevin discussed navigating visual impairments later in life:

“I have to plan my days in advance... A lot of times it’s about imagination. It’s about organization. And it’s really about service and using the various aids.”

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Science for the Betterment of Humanity

We can achieve our corporate vision only with the full commitment, energy and cooperative spirit of our diverse workforce.

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