Supporting Our Community

Supporting Communities

How we get involved

From sponsoring local sporting events to working with other organisations to attract a new generation of young people into careers in agriculture, the industry's future relies on maintaining close links with community.

Supporting Community Events

BBQ trailer Corteva

Corteva Agriscience Coolrooms and Barbecue Trailers are seen at events throughout Australia, supporting our communities at field days, sporting events and local fundraisers to name but a few.

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Volunteering at Foodbank


Corteva Agriscience Sydney employees volunteer at Foodbank NSW, packing much needed food parcels that are delivered across NSW to both rural and urban communities supporting those in need.

If you have any volunteering opportunities for us, we would love to hear from you. 

Sponsoring Local Clubs

Supporting Local Clubs

We embrace corporate citizenship by responding to the unique needs of the communities where our employees live and work, such as sponsoring local sporting events. 

Meet the winners of 2019 Club House Rescue Campaign.

Community & Clubs Competition

Strathalbyn Football Club

Outstanding local organisations in farming communities across Australia, received grants for two consecutive years from Corteva Agriscience, CRT & Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Farmer of the Year Awards

Dr Neil Moss

The Australian Farmer of the Year Awards are designed to celebrate and applaud the outstanding achievements of those individuals and families making a significant contribution to Australian Agriculture. Corteva Agriscience sponsors the Rural Consultant of the Year because we recognise that the farmers our business supports are all the more successful and innovative thanks to the support of rural consultants around Australia.