Conserve Plus is a game changer

"It allows growers to use another active to mitigate resistance in stored grain pests. It allows older storages to be utilised to put malt barley in and not having to rely on using gas-sealed type silos where we’re using phosphine. It also gives growers a more flexible opportunity to store, particularly their malt barley, and work with their marketer in terms of the markets they’re wanting to put their particular barley into." Andrew Weidemann

Conserve Plus

Conserve Plus is a next generation grain protectant; it offers grain growers unprecedented flexibility to store cereal grains on farm, whilst delivering robust grain protection. It contains the active ingredients spinosad and s-methoprene, which provide flexibility to treat all cereal grains, including malt barley and maize.

Conserve Plus controls four out of the five stored grain pests

  • Lesser grain borer ( Rhyzopertha dominica )
  • Rust-red flour beetle ( Tribolium castaneum )
  • Saw-toothed grain beetle ( Oryzaephilus spp.)
  • Flat grain beetle ( Cryptolestes spp.)
  • Rice weevil ( Sitophilus oryzae ) is not controlled by Conserve Plus. It is therefore essential to add an organophosphate (OP) grain protectant to ensure complete insect control.

Protects grain for up to nine months

With a nil withholding period (WHP), Conserve Plus also provides on-farm flexibility to out turn grain when marketing opportunities arise. 

Insecticide Resistance Management

Ideally, Conserve Plus will be used as part of a rotational strategy to ensure the longevity of each product. Every second year rotate to another grain protectant with a different mode of action, or use a fumigant in gas-tight storage.


Corn Corn/Maize
Oat Oat
Rice Rice
Sorghum Sorghum
Wheat Wheat
Barley Barley

Stories from the Field

"We will be using Conserve on everything this season.  I’ve been really impressed with it. It is a great product." Farmer, Merriwa, NSW