Growing Reputations

Learn from growers at the forefront of their respective expertise. See how they deal with adverse conditions, make the most of their growing seasons, and their strategies for sustainable, long-term crop protection.

Quality the key to top-end mango production

Nick and Whitney Ormbsy, mango growers in Katherine, NT

The need to produce high quality mangoes for markets throughout the country is a driving force for Nick and Whitney Ormsby, of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

Five years ago they took on the mango orchard and are currently doubling the number of hectares

Sustainable alternative to help growers thrive

Kim Martin

Kim Martin, who manages Frais Farms, a leafy vegetable and brassica operation in East Gippsland, Victoria, said the introduction of Entrust® Organic to Australia will be a game changer for the local horticultural sector.

Highlighting sustainability to customers is a top priority

Andrew Bulmer

Andrew Bulmer, Managing Director of Bulmer Farms, believes no matter the scale of the farm, all consumers benefit from the positive practices being used by Australian growers, and that informing buyers about those initiatives is essential.

Sustainability the key for Tasmanian baby leaf salads producer

Lawrence Cowley

Ensuring the long-term viability of their enterprise by using sustainable farming practices is a cornerstone of Harvest Farms, which is part of the One Harvest Group, at Richmond, near Hobart in Tasmania.

General Manager - Harvest Farms (one Harvest Group), Lawrence Cowley, said sustainability was front of mind when they first established the baby leaf salads operation.

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Zorvec Enicade helps Onion Grower build a reputation for quality

Darren Rathjen

Fifth generation onion grower, Darren Rathjen from Delta Produce, explains how Zorvec® Enicade® provides an unmatched combination of consistency and control of Downy Mildew, to help achieve a better crop – even under challenging environmental conditions.