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Every Corteva Agriscience product starts with the question, “what’s your biggest challenge?” Your needs drive our innovation and lead to proven solutions

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Entrust® Organic works alongside conventional technologies, delivering proven efficacy and sustainable productivity for your business.

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Nature's Alliance with Science

Sustainable agriculture is more than just big farms, logistics and finances. Sometimes it pays to stop and think about the little things. The countless beneficial insects that are the first line of defence in a constant war against disease and pests. Corteva Agriscience has a vision to continually find ways to protect crops and livelihoods with as little impact as possible. It's our alliance with nature, and natures alliance with science.

A commitment to IPM in horticulture

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) encompases factors including efficacy against target pests, safety to applicators and farm workers, minimal residues at harvest, effects on beneficial arthropods and non-target organisms, environmental persistence and resistance management. The Corteva Agriscience horticulture range includes a wide variety of products that are ideally suited to IPM crop protection strategies. Agronomist Paul Pezzaniti from Platinum Ag, (Virginia, SA) is using IPM techniques in broccoli and other crops and shares his story with us.

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