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Breeza Virtual Field Tour

Breeza Research Station

Situated in the Liverpool plains, Northern NSW, for over 30 years. This site primarily focuses on the Northern broadacre market.

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Halbury Virtual Field Tour

Halbury Research Station

The climate and soils of the Halbury Research Station are broadly representative of much of South Australia, allowing cost-effective work  on weeds, pests and diseases in a range of cereals, canola and grain legumes.

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Warm spring temperatures result in rising Western Flower Thrip numbers

Western Flower Thrip (WFT) are damaging pests of pome and stonefruit throughout Australia.


IPM techniques changing the horticultural landscape at Virginia

The switch to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques in horticultural crops around Virginia, South Australia, has changed the type and frequency of chemicals used.


Controlling Marshmallow in Summer Fallow

Marshmallow, or small-flowered mallow, has become a more prevalent weed in cropping districts over the years. Learn more about Pixxaro with Arylex active, our new herbicide for marshmallow control.


Sowthistle Control

Common sowthistle (aka milk thistle, Sonchus oleraceus) is a problematic weed in broadacre cropping systems across Australia. Learn more about this weed and how to control it with Arylex active herbicides.


Herbicides Resistance in Wild Oats

Herbicide resistance in wild oats is a well-known topic. Rexade™ herbicide with Arylex™ active (Groups B and I) takes the pressure off the Group A herbicides by controlling grasses in the wheat phase that are still susceptible to Group B chemistries.