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Breeza Virtual Field Tour

Breeza Research Station

Situated in the Liverpool plains, Northern NSW, for over 30 years. This site primarily focuses on the Northern broadacre market.

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Halbury Virtual Field Tour

Halbury Research Station

The climate and soils of the Halbury Research Station are broadly representative of much of South Australia, allowing cost-effective work  on weeds, pests and diseases in a range of cereals, canola and grain legumes.

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Corteva product a key in fight against fruit fly in South Australia

An insecticide from chemical company, Corteva Agriscience, is playing a key role in controlling outbreaks of fruit fly in South Australia. South Australia is the only mainland state that has a fruit fly free status and Corteva works closely with....


Success Neo on Onion Thrips

Darren Rathjen, who with his family runs Delta Produce in South Australia is a 5th generation farmer growing 320 acres of onions at properties in Wall Flat and in the South East of South Australia.


Complete Options for Weed Control with Arylex Active Products

Four herbicides, based on Arylex active, are providing growers with ideal options for weed control and use patterns. Paradigm, Trezac, Pixxaro and Rexade Arylex active from Corteva Agriscience, have been formulated to suit a range of scenarios.


Navigating the Green Bridge

While the weather outlook is positive, growers should bear in mind that the wetter conditions are likely to create a ‘green bridge’ of weeds that harbour insect pests such as green peach aphid (GPA). GPA will persist over-summer on a variety of hosts

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